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We Help Companies Reduce Parcel Shipping Costs and Put Money Back On Your Bottom Line.

Together American Shipping Solutions Inc. and Transportation Impact will provide high-volume shippers with the tools and expertise to combat rising costs. Operating as an extension of your business, our industry experts conduct thorough analysis

USS Move Method offering USPS Commerical Plus Pricing with no minimums.
American Shipping Solutions Inc. is USS Move Method’s preferred reseller of authorized USPS discounted rates


Multi Carrier Shipping Software


DigitalShipper Enterprise is a powerhouse multi carrier shipping software that runs within your server environment and integrates all of your shipping transactions to a single database source.

Whether you configure your business rules through the many built-in features or customize using the Plug-in Architecture, DigitalShipper Enterprise edition is adaptable to even the most complex shipping processes that companies are faced with. Read more…


DigitalShipper Express offers a feature-rich, multi-carrier solution at a fraction of the cost for single shipping sites that require basic data exchange with their host system using the Data Wizard and are able to automate their shipping operations using the built-in features. Read more…

Web Services

Built on Microsoft’s .NET technologies, DigitalShipper’s SOA-designed Web Services offer the most robust and complete set of shipping features to allow you complete control in designing your own shipping front-end or integrating DigitalShipper directly into other applications. Read more…

Rate Engine

The DigitalShipper Rating Engine is a separate set of Web Services that extends the rating features to other key areas of your business such as providing rate quotes through your e-commerce web site or handling large volumes of rate transactions without interfering with your shipping throughput. Read more…

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