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We Help Companies Reduce Parcel Shipping Costs and Put Money Back On Your Bottom Line.

Together American Shipping Solutions Inc. and Transportation Impact will provide high-volume shippers with the tools and expertise to combat rising costs. Operating as an extension of your business, our industry experts conduct thorough analysis

USS Move Method offering USPS Commerical Plus Pricing with no minimums.
American Shipping Solutions Inc. is USS Move Method’s preferred reseller of authorized USPS discounted rates

USS Move Method

USS Move Method

Shipping Solutions

USS Move Method can facilitate your business shipping needs whether it be small parcel (small packages) or larger freight shipments (domestic or international).

Small Parcel

USS Move Method is an Authorized Partner of the United States Postal Service which allows our customers flexibility in how to manage your shipping processes, print your postage from our online system (one at a time, in batches, or with system API integration) and allows us greater flexibility in pricing. Move Method can take care of your parcel need both domestically and internationally with USPS.

In addition, there is no better international carrier than DHL Express. USS Move Method is able to help you save when switching from either of the other major carriers to DHL Express (import and export) and get the packages to your customers faster. Small Package Solutions…


USS Move Method has several partners through which we manage your freight needs whether they be domestic or international, by truck, air, or ocean. No single carrier is the best option for every freight move, that is why Move Method clients are able to access instant quotes from multiple carriers and choose the best option based upon price, carrier preference, and/or transit time. Freight Solutions…


Our Sales Executives are shipping experts, and therefore, are your ideal shipping consultant. Every company is unique in their shipping needs in one way or another. We perform an extensive analysis to determine the best carriers that match your cost/service level needs, the best packaging options for your products to minimize your shipping rates, and the best technology to match your shipping processes.

Once all factors are considered and prioritized, we will design up your own “Best Way” shipping model. We will then help you implement that model in technology, so that the computer decides on the best way to ship each package (as we have designed it), rather than relying on an employee to make those decisions based upon whatever is easiest.


Every company that we meet with has different processes, volumes, etc. As such, each has a different technology need. Whatever your needs, we have a solution. We start at a web-based, no cost solution primarily aimed at small to medium volume shippers, then move to a multi-carrier, third party platform that passes through our negotiated rates, and end with a premise based, multi-carrier platform that is used at many of the largest shippers in the world.

We would perform a thorough analysis of your shipping processes and needs to line you up with the best shipping option, and ensure that you are shipping the “Best Way” for your business.

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